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King size quilts, Homemade quilts queen

For a long time people were carried away by scrappy sewing. The multi-colored things sewed by masters pleased them. Scrappy panels – Elena Rogachyova’s pictures are created on historical pictures Apollinariya Vasnetsova, Yury Semyonov, the French artist Paul Gaugin. Also there is a fantastic subject (panel “Sadko on a Seabed”). Icons are executed in style a patchwork, the face and hands are written by oil on a canvas. Scrappy clothes now in fashion. Matching of models, matching of fabrics is performed in the difficult way. The jackets sewed from rags are in great demand now. Old and ancient traditions help us to approach a source of the Russian culture. Scrappy panels pictures will decorate the nursery, diversify a cosiness of a country house, will fit into an interior of your apartment. Quilted cover in style a patchwork – originality and a cosiness of a house situation to Buy a beautiful cover a patchwork on a bed – one of the most useful acquisitions for the house and an excellent gift for friends or relatives. Today at the peak of popularity – the interior details executed in style a patchwork. Scrappy a patchwork to buy a cover from bright fabrics, made on this technology, the drawing room or a bedroom will become worthy decoration of an interior of any room, whether it be. The scrappy cover a patchwork as a bright element of an interior Scrappy covers is special “genre” in bed fashion. Such cover by all means will be pleasant to those people who appreciate homeliness and warmly family monastery. By means of a scrappy cover a patchwork which can be bought in our online store of the Scrappy equipment a patchwork you will emphasize identity of a house situation and the pacifying harmony in your dwelling or, on the contrary, will be able to fill him with all paints of the nature and to inhale joyful mood. Bright fabric and motley coloring will give to the room special charm. The quilted scrappy blanket for a rural interior the Easy quilted scrappy blanket is ideal for use in the summer. The lining from light print fabric turns a blanket into bilateral: it can be laid as it will want. It is quite difficult to make such blanket as it is necessary to sew much on the machine. Interfacing of average thickness or a thin synthetic winterizer will be suitable for a lining. Except sewing together of panels up to the necessary width, by car it is necessary to execute the top cloth in style a patchwork. And it is very laborious work. The effect stitches is reached thanks to a blanket proshivaniye manually or on the machine. Unlike other, more volume products such, this simple blanket will perfectly fit into a situation have even not been applied to destination. It is possible to curtail just accurately it the roller on the edge of a bed or to use him as a cape for a sofa or a chair. You can sew a blanket of any size, but in our case it shouldn’t reach a floor and close legs and a framework of a bed. It is better if the blanket just hangs down at the edges. For the room in style of a country the scrappy blanket is the best choice!
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